I Was Really Very Hungry

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A portrait of one of the greatest American food writers of the 20th century, Mary Frances Kennedy Fisher, whose writing transcended recipes and reviews to probe our deep-seated relationship to our appetites. Assembled from diaries, journalism, and short stories, Kelly Nespor’s play creates a vivid tableau of the life of this preeminent and influential gourmet. A Live Bait Theatre co-production.

Recorded before a live audience at the DoubleTree Guest Suites, Chicago in January of 1997.

Directed by Paul Frellick
Anne Archer as Mary Frances Kennedy 'M.F.K.' Fisher
Kurt Ehrmann as Al Fisher/Others
Jennifer Friedmann as Ora/Others
Lily Shaw as Gourmet/Grandmother
David Tierney as Dillwyn 'Timmy' Parrish/Others
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