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Radio Broadcast: 'Steel Magnolias'

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Within the walls of Truvy’s beauty shop, six women absorb the passing seasons as their lives increasingly hinge on the existence of one another.

Live in LA: 'Oslo'

April 12-14 at the James Bridges Theater/UCLA

 In this rollicking take on modern diplomacy, a Norwegian social scientist and his diplomat wife open a back channel that breaks the deadlock of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. 2017 Tony Award® Winner for Best Play.

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We've recorded over 500 plays live in performance, everything from Shakespeare and Oscar Wilde to Arthur Miller and recent Tony winners, all with top-name actors. We then turn these recordings into podcasts, streaming audio, radio shows, and CDs, so you can listen to great theatre anywhere.

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'Please Continue' by Frank Basloe

Now Available on CD or MP3

In the famous Milgram study, participants were asked to administer electric shocks to a subject who gave the wrong answer to a question, not knowing that the shocks were fake, and they were the real subject of the experiment.

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Listen for Free: 'Relativity Series'

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L.A. Theatre Works and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation present the Relativity Series: stories about science as a thoroughly human endeavor.