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Art meets Science in our Relativity Series

We are proud to present our ongoing Relativity Series, funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. The series includes over 30 plays on topics from astronomy, physics, and cosmology to the mathematics of code-breaking, the ethics of scientific research, and the invention of television.  

Since 1993, LATW has provided thousands of schools nationwide with free educationally-related audio recordings ranging from core dramatic literature to historical docudramas, science-themed plays, and more.

We believe that no student should face barriers to high quality educational tools. Plans for the next phase of our website development include a dedicated Educational Portal with a password-protected account system that gives educators personalized access to resources that include: free recordings organized by academic discipline and grade level; curricular materials and interactive educational tools; and a centralized section for teachers and students to post their feedback, discuss strategies, and share classroom experiences and resources.



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Our national outreach programs bring free recordings to underserved schools and libraries, ensuring that the arts remain a vibrant presence and valuable teaching tool in their communities.