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The cast of 'Seven' on tour. Photo by Rich Rose.

'Seven' Tour Cancelled

LATW regrets to inform our audiences that the national touring production of Seven has been cancelled due to the ongoing pandemic crisis. As we are unable to continue the tour, please click the button below to listen to LATW's acclaimed recording of the complete play on Soundcloud.

Since 2005, we have delighted audiences with our unique audio theatre style performances at universities, civic centers, and public theatres across the country.

Our tours offer additional programming such as pre and post-show talkbacks, free educational performances for high school students, and master classes for university students.


Touring in 2019/2020



By: Paula CizmarCatherine FillouxGail KriegelCarol K. MackRuth MargraffAnna Deavere SmithSusan Yankowitz
Directed by: Alexis Jacknow
Starring: Laila Ayad, Maritxell CarreroLovlee CarrollEllis Greer, Jennifer SheltonShannon HoltTess Lina

SEVEN is a riveting documentary play by seven female writers based on personal interviews with seven remarkable women who faced life-threatening obstacles before bringing heroic changes to their home countries of Pakistan, Nigeria, Ireland, Afghanistan, Guatemala, Russia and Cambodia.

Playwrights Carol K. Mack (who conceived the play), Anna Deavere Smith, Paula Cizmar, Catherine Filloux, Gail Kriegel, Ruth Margraff, and Susan Yankowitz collaborated to create a tapestry of stories that weave together the words of these women, dramatizing their struggles and triumphs over resistance, death threats, entrenched norms and pervasive violence. Since the premiere in 2008, the piece has been translated into 27 languages and performed worldwide in over 30 countries, sharing with an international audience these inspiring tales of bravery and perseverance.

SEVEN makes the powerful and timeless statement that even in the darkest times, one person, one voice, and a single act of courage, can change the lives of thousands.

SEVEN was created with the support of the Vital Voices Global Partnership, the preeminent non-governmental organization (NGO) that identifies, trains and empowers extraordinary women around the world by unleashing their leadership potential to transform lives and accelerate peace and prosperity in their communities. These women have returned home to train and mentor more than 500,000 additional women and girls in their communities. They are the Vital Voices of our time.

TOURING OCTOBER 12, 2019 - APRIL 7, 2020




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Top Secret: The Battle for the Pentagon Papers
The cast of the international production of "Top Secret: The Battle for the Pentagon Papers" by Geoffrey Cowan and Leroy Aaron.

Previous tours have traveled across the globe - including to China which blossomed into our partnership with radio Beijing. We strive to expose a wide variety of people and cultures to our unique live theatre experience. Past touring shows have included: Steel MagnoliasThe Mountaintop, Judgment at Nuremberg, Bram Stoker's Dracula, John Ball's In The Heat of the Night, The Graduate, Top Secret: The Battle for the Pentagon Papers (New York), and Top Secret: The Battle for the Pentagon Papers (China).


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