Buying Time

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Based on a real-life event, a monied client at a progressive law firm pressures the partners to drop a pro bono case they passionately believe in. Will they choose the easy path to preserve their business or keep fighting for what they believe is right? A Northlight Theatre Co-Production.

Recorded before a live audience at the Guest Quarters Suite Hotel in Chicago. A co-production with Northlight Theatre.

Sound Effects Artist: Scott Heckman. Production Stage Manager: Jan Watson. Recording Engineers: Larry Rock and Chris Willis. Radio Producer: Robert Neuhaus.

Directed by Brian Russell
Sean Sinitski as Hal and others
Bob Adrian as Abe
Ned Schmidtke as Del
Tony Mockus as Pete and others
Scott Lowell as Carter and Kyle
Gary Houston as Max and Laird
Suzanne Petri as Margo and Becky
Lisa Dodson as Beth
Rengin Altay as Christine
Scott Heckman as Lane
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