Peter Feibleman

Peter Feibleman is an American author and screenwriter. He has won critical acclaim for his novels and has received multiple awards, including the Guggenheim Award for Creative Writing and the Golden Pen Award for Screenwriting. Film credits include writing the screenplay adaption of Thomas Heggen's novel, Ensign Pulver.

Feibleman's first literary work, A Place without Twilight, received favorable praise from the Saturday Review and other publications. Many of Feibleman's other written works have been received well by critics, including the fictional works Charlie Boy, The Columbus Tree, Strangers and Graves: Four Short Novels (Death of Danaues, Fever, Along the Coast, Eyes); and The Daughters of Necessity; as well as his non-fiction works, The Bayous (The American Wilderness/Time-Life Books), and Lilly: Reminiscences of Lillian Hellman.

Feibleman also wrote the plays Cakewalk, and Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright: A Play, based on A Place without Twilight.