George Packer

George Packer is an American journalist, novelist, and playwright. He is best known for writing about U.S. foreign policy for The New Yorker and for his book, The Assassins' Gate: America in Iraq, New York Times Best Book of the Year. It's based on interviews with ordinary Iraqis, the events that led to the invasion of Iraq and reports on subsequent developments in that country.

Packer also wrote The Unwinding: An Inner History of the New America, winning the National Book Award for Nonfiction. Focusing on ways that America has changed over the years, this book traces the lives of various individuals from different backgrounds through the years. Interspersed are capsule biographies of influential figures, including, Colin Powell, Newt Gingrich, Elizabeth Warren, Jay-Z, and Raymond Carver.

Other works include Interesting Times: Writings from a Turbulent Decade and Blood of the Liberals, winner of the Robert F. Kennedy Award.