Velina Hasu Houston

Velina Hasu Houston is an internationally acclaimed and award-winning American playwright, essayist, poet, author, editor, and screenwriter. She has had many works produced, presented, and published, drawing from her experience of being multiracial, as well as the immigrant experiences of her family and those she encountered growing up in Junction City, Kansas. She is the only American playwright to amass a body of work that explores the transnational US-Japan relationship through stories that include a bilateral, global view of identity and belonging.

Off-Broadway works include play Tea (N.Y.C. Center Stage) and American Dreams (Theatre Four). Regionally produced works include Calligraphy, Like the Flow of a River, and Glimmer (Los Angeles Theatre), Mister Los Angeles, The House of Chaos, and Ikebana (San Diego Asian American Repertory), Thirst (Asian American Theater), Kokoro and Broken English (Odyssey Theatre), Necessities (Purple Rose Theatre), Cinnamon Girl (Greenway Court Theatre), and Calling Aphrodite (International City Theatre).