Ray Baker

Ray Baker is an American actor, best known for What Lies Beneath, Total Recall, Rain Man, and Girl, Interrupted. Other film credits include Coach Carter, Holes, The Trip, Without a Paddle, Speechless, Ed Wood, Sweet November, Executive Decision, Hard Rain, Silverado, Silkwood, Heart Condition, Anywhere But Here, Everybody’s All American, Camp Nowhere, A Thousand Acres, Places in the Heart, Freaked, Gloria, and Parades.

Television credits include Dr. Richard Thorpe on CBS’ Cybill, Walter Melrod on FOX’s Great Scott!, Wade Prescott on NBC’s Down Home, and Dr. Stan Gorshalk on ABC’s Heartbeat.

Broadway credits include his debut as Larry Parks in Are You Now or Have You Ever Been (Century Theatre); the Cowboy in I’m Not Rappaport (Booth Theatre); Ed in Torch Song Trilogy (Little Theatre); Is there life after high school? (Ethel Barrymore Theatre); Doc Porter in Crimes of the Heart (John Golden Theatre); and Chris in Division Street (Ambassador Theatre).