Janine Barris

Barris, Janine.jpg

Janine Barris is an American film and theatre actress, best known for Run, Mona Lisa Smile, Mob Rules, and Crazy, Stupid, Love. Other film credits include Smoking/Non-Smoking, Tic, (Greetings from) Sunny Beaches, and All Me, All the Time. Television credits include Jasmine on Blip TV’s Writer's Block and Emily on the web series We Are Angels.Theatre credits include Birdy in 365 Days Project (Public Theatre); Eva in Manhattan Casanova (Hudson Stage); Artemisia in The Allegory of Painting and Genna in Double Sophia (Cherry Lane Theatre); Andromache in The Trojan Women (Theatre Festival); Sarah in Paradise (Kirk Douglas Theatre); Psyche in Welcome to my Rash and Emily Imbrie in Third (Theater J); Renee in Why We Have a Body and Helen in Baby with the Bathwater (Dorothy Betts Theatre); Emily in Tomorrowland (Horizons Theatre); and Gertrude in Hamlet (National Theatre of Orleans).