Gore Vidal

Gore Vidal was an American writer of novels, essays, screenplays, and plays. Vidal's outspoken manner and penetrating wit earned him a status that went beyond author, often thought of as a social commentator—a celebrity as much as a writer.

Vidal’s desire to satirize American political, sexual, and social life came through in his works, which explored the nature of corruption, societal gender constructs, the political subversion of Christian monotheism, and how the public and private facets of personality affect national politics.

Broadway works include Visit to a Small Planet (Booth Theatre), An Evening with Richard Nixon (Shubert Theatre), Weekend (Broadhurst Theatre), Romulus (Music Box Theatre), and The Best Man (Morocco Theatre).

Television credits include NBC’s Dress Gray, NBC’s Honor, CBS’ The Turn of the Screw, CBS’ Dark Possession, CBS’ Smoke, NBC’s The Death of Billy the Kid, NBC’s A Sense of Justice, CBS’ Summer Pavillion, and CBS’ Barn Burning.