Anna Sophie Loewenberg

Anna Sophie Loewenberg is a filmmaker with over a decade of experience documenting life in China. She worked on the PBS documentaries Riding Rails in China and Sketching the Silk Road.

Her own documentaries include China Pirates, which is about punk rock and pirated media in Beijing, and Siberian Butterfly, which explores issues of creativity and sexual identity in an intimate portrait of a Chinese folk artist.

Anna is the star and producer of Sexy Beijing, an online series of sly, knowing, videos about a hapless, curious foreigner which has proved popular among expats, language students and mainland Chinese. The videos, which run from five to ten minutes, are loose parodies of Sex and the City, with Anna playing a hammy version of herself, careering around town to interview construction workers, dog-walkers, cranky old men, and, on occasion, Lubavitchers about their love lives.