The Conquest of the South Pole

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In a German industrial town, four unemployed and despondent men reenact Roald Amundsen’s turn-of-the-century trek to the South Pole. Translated by Ralph Remshardt, Caron Cadle, and Calvin MacLean. 

A co-production with Famous Door Theatre Company for Chicago Theaters on the Air.

Original music, sound design, and live sound effects by Rick Peeples. Sound Operator, Dominic J. Rivkin. Production Stage Manager, Jan Watson. Recording Engineer, Larry Rock. Radio Producer, Robert Neuhaus.

Recorded before a live audience at the Guest Quarters Suite Hotel, Chicago in May of 1994.

Directed by Cal MacLean
Paul Dillon as Buscher
Philip E. Johnson as Slupianek
Tracy Letts as Seiffert
Rick Peeples as Rudi
Dan Rivkin as Braukmann
Elaine Rivkin as Braukmann’s wife
Kirsten Sahs as Rosi
James Schneider as Frankie-Boy
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