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Ten essential plays by one of the greatest American playwrights of the last century.

The Man Who Had All the Luck: A charming and off-beat fable about David Beeves, a young Midwestern man whose good fortune shines on him while it passes over everyone around him. The play wrestles with the unanswerable question of fate, and how some fail while others achieve some glory in life.

All My Sons: World War II is over and a family, mourning a son missing in action, plants a memorial tree and tries to go on with their lives. A storm blows down the tree and a devastating family secret is uprooted, setting the characters on a terrifying journey towards truth.

Death of a SalesmanWilly Loman (Stacy Keach) is the iconic traveling salesman, whose family is torn apart by his desperate obsession with greatness. As his sons cast about aimlessly for their station in life, Willy becomes unraveled when the reality of his life threatens his long-cherished illusions.

The Crucible: In the rigid theocracy of Salem, rumors that women are practicing witchcraft galvanize the town. In a searing portrait of a community engulfed by panic, the play famously mirrors the anti-Communist hysteria that held the United States in its grip.

A View from the Bridge: Longshoreman Eddie Carbone is devoted to his wife, Beatrice, and to his niece, Catherine. When Beatrice's impoverished cousins enter the U.S. illegally, Eddie gives them a helping hand. But when Catherine and one of the cousins fall in love, Eddie's affection for his niece turns into obsession.

After the Fall Miller's famous autobiographical drama takes place inside a lawyer's tortured mind. Quentin is haunted by his disastrous affair with a needy sex symbol - a character said to be based on Marilyn Monroe.

Incident at Vichy: In 1942 in Vichy, France, nine men are detained under a shadowy pretext. As the tension builds, the men are questioned – are they the sort of people whom the new Nazi regime considers “inferior”?

The Price: This deeply moving drama reunites two long estranged middle-aged brothers. Nostalgia and recrimination erupt as they sell off an attic full of furniture, their last link to a family and a world that no longer exist. A wrenching saga of plaintive gestures and missed opportunities.

The Ride Down Mt. Morgan: Lyman Felt has it all. Wealth, success and the kind of good, solid wife he needs. And another wife - the kind of sexy woman he wants. He juggles his artful lie until a car accident on the slippery slope of Mt. Morgan lands him in hospital - with two unsuspecting wives in the waiting room.

Broken Glass: Set in 1938, this psychological mystery begins when Sylvia Gellburg suddenly loses her ability to walk. The only clue lies in Sylvia’s obsession with news accounts from Germany. Though safe in Brooklyn, Sylvia is terrified by Nazi violence - or is it something closer to home?

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