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L.A. Theatre Works presents an entire performance season of plays in a single box set. The 2015 Collection includes:

Under Milk Wood by Dylan Thomas, starring Matthew Rhys, Kate Burton, Laura Evans, John H. Francis, Jason Hughes, Christopher Monger, Cerris Morgan-Moyer, Jo Osmond, and Morgan Ritchie.

John Ball’s In the Heat of the Night adapted by Matt Pelfrey, starring Ryan Vincent Anderson, Michael Hammond, Kalen Harriman, Travis Johns, James Morrison, Darren Richardson, and Tom Virtue.

Racing Demon by David Hare, starring Rosie Fellner, Paul Fox, Jared Harris, Jason Hughes, Martin Jarvis, Chistopher Neame, Lesley Nicol, Alan Shearman, Simon Templeman, Jane Wall, and Matthew Wolf.

Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand, translated and adapted by Anthony Burgess, starring Caroline Aaron, Hugo Armstrong, Kalen Harriman, Gregory Itzin, Hamish Linklater, Anna Mathias, Morgan Ritchie, Jason Ritter, André Sogliuzzo, Devon Sorvari, and Matthew Wolf.

Intelligence-Slave by Kenneth Lin, starring Garret Dillahunt, Joe Spano, Josh Stamberg, Daniel Stewart, Nick Toren, and Matthew Wolf.

Tribes by Nina Raine, starring Barry Creyton, Thomas DellaMonica, Russell Harvard, Cerris Morgan-Moyer, Susan Pourfar, and Mare Winningham.

And the Sun Stood Still by Dava Sobel, starring Robert Foxworth, John Vickery, Kate Steele, Michael Kirby, and Gregory Harrison.

You Never Can Tell by George Bernard Shaw, starring James Callis, Siobhán Hewlett, Nicholas Hormann, Martin Jarvis, Christopher Neame, Susan Sullivan, Simon Templeman, Matthew Wolf, and Moira Quirk.

Dear Elizabeth: A Play in Letters from Elizabeth Bishop to Robert Lowell and Back Again by Sarah Ruhl, starring Julian Sands and JoBeth Williams.

The Whipping Man by Matthew Lopez, starring Charlie Robinson, Mark Jude Sullivan, and Aaron Jennings.

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