Reginald Rose

Reginald Rose was a three-time Emmy-winning American film and television writer most widely known for his work in the early years of television drama. It is said that he is one of the outstanding television playwrights to emerge from the "Golden Age" of television drama anthology series.

Teleplay broadcast credits include Letter from Cairo, The Roman Kid, The Formula, and Big Man, Little World for CBS' Studio One in Hollywood.

Film writing credits include The Defenders: Taking the First, 12 Angry Men, Escape from Sobibor, My Two Loves, The Final Option, The Rules of Marriage, The Sea Wolves, The Wild Geese, Stranger on the Run, The Man in the Net, Man of the West, Dino, Crime in the Streets, and Whose Life Is It Anyway?

Theatre credits include his Broadway play Twelve Angry Men (American Airlines Theatre) and his Off-Broadway play Black Monday (Van Dam Theatre).