Willie Garson

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Well known to audiences, Willie Garson has appeared in over 300 episodes of television and more than 70 films. Best known for White Collar, Sex and the City, and NYPD Blue, Garson is currently recurring on Hawaii 5-0, Supergirl, and Big Mouth. Films include: Sex and the City 1 and 2, three films with the Farrely Brothers: Something About Mary, Kingpin, and Fever Pitch, as well as Soapdish, Groundhog Day, Mars Attacks, The Rock, Being John Malkovich, Feed, Polka King, and many more. Upcoming films include Walk to Vegas, Magic Camp, Bellmen, and God the Worm. New Jersey born, he started working at 13 at the Roundabout Theatre Company, and majored in Psychology and Theater at Wesleyan University. He continues to work with Roundabout, Geffen Playhouse, Naked Angels, and Manhattan Theater Club. Garson is a huge advocate for adoption. He and his adopted son Nathen live in Los Angeles and New Orleans, and both speak about adoption nationwide. Garson also works with Habitat for Humanity, AMFAR, and Doctors Without Borders. Garson is also a World Series level poker player.