William Cain

William Cain is an actor, known for The Ice Storm, The Mirror Has Two Faces, and Kennedy. Other film credits include ‘Side by Each’, The Substance of Fire, Separate But Equal!, The Littlest Victims, Doubletake, Sessions, and The Dogs of War.

Broadway theatre credits include his debut as Woodrow Wilson in Wilson in the Promise Land (ANTA Playhouse), Doctor/Others in King Lear (Vivian Beaumont Theatre), Pete Davenport in The Young Man from Atlanta (Longacre Theatre), Tobias/Harry in A Delicate Balance (Plymouth Theatre), Dr. Austin Slope in The Heiress (Cort Theatre), Doctor in A Streetcar Named Desire (Ethel Barrymore Theatre), Vice President Burden/Others in Mastergate (Criterion Center Stage), David McComber/Others in Ah, Wilderness! and James Tyrone in Long Day’s Journey Into Night (Neil Simon Theatre), Yakov/Others in Wild Honey (Virginia Theatre), Paul Sycamore/Others in You Can’t Take It With You (Plymouth/Royale Theatres), and Jacob Mercer in Of the Fields, Lately (Century Theatre).