W. Morgan Sheppard

W. Morgan Sheppard is a Lifetime Achievement Award-winning British actor, best known for Transformers, The Prestige, Wild at Heart, and The Elephant Man. Other film credits include Last Man Club, Meeting Spencer, Star Trek, Japan, So Long Jimmy, Along the Way, Love's Abiding Joy, Room 101, Gettysburg, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, Wild at Heart, Cry Freedom, Lady Jane, The Duellists, Marat/Sade, and Strongroom.

Television miniseries credits include Boakes in HTV’s Return to Treasure Island, Mr. Roos in A&E’s The Flame Trees of Thika, Stanton in HTV’s Smuggler, Specz in NBC’s Shogun, and Ben in BBC’s Rebecca.

Theatre credits include his Broadway debut as Mad Animal/Marquis de Sade in Marat/Sade (Martin Beck Theatre) and Jim Craigin in Sherlock Holmes (Broadhurst Theatre) and regionally, in his LADCC and Drama-Logue Award-winning role as Max in The Homecoming (Matrix Theatre).