Robert Lesser

Robert Lesser is an actor, best known for End of Days, Godzilla, The Relic, and Die Hard. Other film credits include Redstone, Best Wishes for Tomorrow, An American Rhapsody, What's Love Got to Do With It?Shoot to Kill, The Monster Squad, Running Sacred, The Big Easy, 2010, Gangster Wars, The Goodbye Girl, Hester Street, and David Holzman's Diary. 

Off-Broadway theatre credits include the Producer Isadora Duncan Sleeps with the Russian Navy, Mr. Damiano 'Rubbers'/Guido Morosini 'Yanks' in Rubbers/Yank 3 Detroit 0 Top of the Seventh (American Place Theatre) and Dorset in Richard III (Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater). Regional theatre credits include Alfieri in A View from the Bridge and Frank Collison 'Grandfather'/Mr. Vanni in My Ántonia (Pacific Resident Theatre) and the Father/Blind Man in In All Honesty (Rubicon Theatre).