Robert Ito

Robert Ito is an actor and voice artist, best known for his role as Sam Fujiyama on NBC’s Quincy M.E. Other television credits include Tang Godfather on CTV’s Once a Thief, Dr. Shiro Zama on FOX’s The X-Files, Books on CBC’s Mom P.I., Lawrence ‘Larry’ Mishima on CBS’ Falcon Crest, Yoshio Shinno on CBS’ Knots Landing, and Sammy Loo on CBS’ Kojak.

Film credits include The Omega Code, The Best Bad Thing, Once a Thief/Brother Against Brother/Family Business, The War Between Us, American Geisha, Sunday, Midway, Helter Skelter, Rollerball, Death Scream, Men of the Dragon, Soylent Green, Pueblo, and What’s a Nice Girl Like You…?

Voice-over credits include The Mandarin on FOX’s Iron Man, Miyagi Yakuga on NBC’s The Karate Kid, Black Dragon/White Dragon on FHE’s Rambo, Tabe on WB’s Chuck Norris: Karate Kommandos, and Henry Chan on CBS’ The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan.