P.G. Wodehouse

P.G. Wodehouse was an English humorist who wrote novels, short stories, plays, poems, song lyrics, and numerous pieces of journalism. He was highly popular throughout a career that lasted over seventy years, earning praise as a Master of parody and English prose, and his many writings continue to be widely read. He published more than ninety books, forty plays, two hundred short stories, and twenty film scripts.

He created the fictional characters Bertie Wooster and Reginald Jeeves—starring in such works as The Inimitable Jeeves, Carry On Jeeves, Right Ho Jeeves, Thank You, Jeeves, Ring For Jeeves, How Right You Are Jeeves, and My Man Jeeves.

He wrote lyrics for numerous songs—including the hit song “Bill” from Broadway’s Show Boat (Ziegfeld Theatre). A number of his plays—including A Damsel in Distress (Chichester Festival Theatre) and Broadway’s The Girl On The Boat (New Amsterdam Theatre)have been adopted into film.