Peter Goodchild

Peter Goodchild is a former BBC television editor with an extensive career writing and producing science-based dramas and documentaries for the BBC, L.A. Theatre Works, and independent productions.

He led the science department at BBC and notably edited Horizon, which won three international Emmys and two BAFTA Best Factual Series awards. He also initiated the popular science series Q.E.D., The Day the Universe Changed with James Burke, and factually-based dramas such as Life Story, featuring Jeff Goldblum on the discovery of DNA and Threads and the BAFTA Award-winning British version of On the Eighth Day.

He later became head of the BBC's Single Drama department, initiating the move into feature-length and theatrical films. Over five years, he executive-produced 120 feature length films, winning 60 national and international awards. His interest in drama produced the biographical series, Marie Curie and Oppenheimer starring Sam Waterston, both receiving BAFTA Best Drama Series Awards.