Mike McShane

McShane, Michael BW

Mike McShane is an Emmy nominated actor, as well as one of the original recurring cast members of the UK’s Whose Line Is It Anyway. Mike has enjoyed peak nerdom by being a villain in Doctor Who, driving the Batmobile whilst dressed as a Klingon, kicking Kevin Costner in the face (as Friar Tuck), and strolling under the Brooklyn Bridge in the snow, dressed like Damon Runyon. He has been nominated for an Ovation Award for his performance as Big Daddy in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, as well as a company nod for The Little Foxes, both directed by Cameron Watson. He is a member of Paul Merton & his Impro Chums, and just completed a critically lauded run of Hughie by Eugene O’Neill, which he directed and performed. He is a proud member of Impro Theater and Antaeus Theatre Company in Los Angeles.