Jarrett Sleeper

Jarrett Sleeper is an actor and producer, best known for Stranger Than Fiction, Nourish and Foreign Exchange. Other film credits include Jimmy, Bob Thunder: Internet Assassin, Villisca, The Cutuzzle, Karaoke the Movie, Nourish, Temp Girls, Real Men Pay, Dark Desire, and The Big Date.

Television credits include Eddie on the web series Cast Off, Gabriel on BlackBoxTV’s The Fourth Door, and Metal on YouTube’s MyMusic.

Theatre credits include Guiderius/Frenchman/Others in Cymbeline (A Noise Within); Micah Staab in How the World Began and Rodney Robertson in Doctor Cerberus (South Coast Repertory); Gary in Osama the Hero (Athenaeum Theatre); and Eric in Eric LaRue (Red Orchid Theatre).