Henri Lubatti

Henri Lubatti is an American actor, best known for the films Nowheresville, Around the Fire, and Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son.

Television credits include Jovan Myovic on FOX's 24, Gaspard Alves on CBS' Zoo, Nigel Beckford on HBO's True Blood, David Sherman on WB's Felicity, and Ilija Korjenic on Showtime's Sleeper Cell.

Theatre credits include Khruschov in The Wood Demon, Wenceslas Steinbock in Cousin Bette, Tom Wingfield in The Glass Menagerie, Zastrozzi in Zastrozzi, Bonny in The Rear Column, and Menaechmus of Epidamnum in The Menaechmus Twins (Antaeus Theatre); Sir Walter Ralegh in The School of Night (Mark Taper Forum); and Rosencrantz/Fortinbras' Army in Hamlet (South Coast Repertory).